Gothick Villa, Regents Park. 1989 - 1991.


The plan is based on the design by Andrea Palladio for the Villa Saraceno. It was felt that the design should develop in a more Gothick direction to reflect John Nash's preoccupation with Gothick style. The final design provides a pedimented and castellated front with Gothick Orders reminiscent of Gibb's Temple of Liberty at Stowe, employing Batty Langley's Gothick Orders.
The inspiration for much of the detailed work was provided by Nash's Longner Hall and Combermere Abbey, Shropshire, which was one of the foremost Gothick buildings in the Strawberry Hill style, and by a number of local medieval East Anglian Churches, particularly Dedham and Higham. The balustrade to the terrace is influenced by the Palazzo Contarini-Fasan in Venice, and indeed the Venetian precedent of a Classical plan with Gothic treatment has been the main theme of the whole design.

The accommodation on the ground floor is similar to that of the Ionic and Veneto Villas but with a larger loggia overlooking the canal.